Clairvoyant Sessions

Quite a few years ago, Kerrin began to seek answers to the lifelong “visions” she had during meditations, and the “conversations” she often heard upon awakening or just before drifting off to sleep. She also recognized that she could sense energies that most other people could not and seemed to have a predisposition for experiencing poltergeist activities.

Additionally, she continued to be drawn to healing modalities, such as Reiki, and the trainings she undertook only served to amp up her latent abilities.

Years later, she decided to enlist the help of Dr. Lauren Cielo, a remarkably skilled psychic and clairvoyant teacher. Encouraged by Dr Cielo’s practical approach, she enrolled in an intensive year of formal clairvoyant study. It was during this time that all the pieces came together; her understanding deepened and her abilities expanded.

Still reticent about labeling herself as a “clairvoyant”, she recognizes that intuitive sessions can encourage clarity and assist in personal healing and growth for her clients.

The list of clairvoyant services currently offered are:



Many people benefit from a little help interpreting what occurs energetically during their Harmonic Egg Session. With this add-on, Kerrin will spend 15 to 20 minutes in the room with the client while they are inside the egg enjoying the relaxing music and restful lights. During this time she will use her intuitive abilities to focus on the clients goals and intentions and “watch” what occurs. Following the session, she will discuss her insights.

Choose Add On when booking your Harmonic Egg Session.



This 45 minute session consists of a 30 minute remote clairvoyant session during which time Kerrin energetically looks at the body and sends energies where needed. Following the session, Kerrin sets aside 15 minutes for discussion. Additional discussion time can be purchased if needed. Currently this service is only scheduled on Thursdays.



Ever wondered if you’re surrounded by angels, or if a spirit animal walks by your side? If so, this may be the package for you. This email service is more than just fun — it can actually help you connect with the spirits and beings that assist you in your daily life, helping to deepen your connection and spiritual awareness.

When booking this session, please allow for 4 to 5 days for your session to be completed. You’ll be emailed a complete audio recording of the session and a specially charged quartz crystal that you can use in meditation as you connect with your guides. After booking your session, please supply your email and physical addresses through the contact us from.