How to Detox Safely and Take Charge of Your Health

Have you been pondering how to detox safely at home? Since Spring is around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to shake out the old and dusty curtains, ridding our houses of stale winter air. Instinctively, we know spring is the right time for a deep cleaning of our home environment. But it’s also perfect for detoxing our bodies, too. 

Image of How to Detox SafelyOur bodies are much like a house. Miraculous structures, but they too become bogged down by dirt and grit and need a good cleaning from time to time. Our body’s version of “dirt and grit” comes in the form of free radicals, as well as toxin exposure from nasty chemicals in our air and water, and an overload of unhealthy food additives. Over time, a host of unnatural substances hide in our body, nestled in our fatty tissues and near organs, just waiting to create damage and mayhem.

That’s why a natural detox a couple of times per year is great way to add more quality years to your life. But, it’s important to know how to detox safely at home, since not all methods are created equally. 

Detox Safely at Home 101

According to a 2020 article on WebMD, “Not only are detox diets not good for people with certain medical conditions, they could be harmful. …For people with diabetes, they may be quite dangerous.”

The information seems conflicting, doesn’t it. But In fact, it’s not.

Let’s dive in quickly to explain how the body works in terms of self-cleansing.

How the body naturally detoxifies itself

Your body has several organs that are key in detoxifying your body naturally: your digestive tract, your liver, your lungs, your skin, and your kidneys. Together they act as a team to filter your air and bloodstream, keeping as much junk out of your system as possible.

Think of your bloodstream as the super highway system of your body. Ever get stuck in rush-hour traffic? Nothing moves, and you sit on a stagnant, exhaust-filled stretch of hot road for hours. Without the help of your liver and kidneys, or the strength of your gut to hold nasties at bay, your bloodstream could be gridlocked and become downright toxic.

And, if your lungs didn’t filter your air intake, those same caustic chemicals would add to that toxic environment in mere seconds.

Thankfully, your skin is yet another protective organ that, when encountering something dangerous, may erupt in a rash or blister as your body quickly tries to rid itself of a harmful substance.

They all work together to keep you functioning and healthy.

However, like the air filter in your air conditioner, you need to clean out your body’s “filters” on occasion. How do you do that? This is where a cleansing detox comes into the picture.

Cleansing diets can be quite effective for the general public, but as Web MD points out, they must be approached with caution if you have a medical condition. Green juices are a wonderful way to boost your alkalinity, and your body will thank you for staying well-hydrated by drinking clean spring or filtered water.

But there is another surprising tool that provides a simple way to detox safely—The Harmonic Egg.

The role of the Harmonic Egg in detoxification

The Harmonic Egg is designed specifically to coax the body into resetting its natural ability to detoxify and clean house.

Most of us live in a world where we are constantly stressed: jobs, family issues, the COVID-19 pandemic…all of these things keep us tense and in a “fight or flight” state. When we don’t allow our bodies to relax, it handcuffs our natural detoxing abilities and, if anything, we end up enabling an even greater toxic overload.

Being able to relax and deep breathe (back to our remarkable lungs again!) helps the body’s organs release some of the gunk stored in our tissues so that we can let new life into our cells.

I have witnessed proof of this, first hand. It amazes me how, after a session with a client, I often smell toxins released into the air. I have smelled smoke in the room after a reformed smoker’s session, or anesthesia from a client who had a surgery months or even years ago. It’s hard to imagine that a relaxing, 50-minute Harmonic Egg sound-healing session could also be a powerful body detoxifier. With a visit once or twice a month, you could be adding years of good health to your life.

Of course, I have other tools that can be used to detoxify your body safely, and I encourage you to chat with me about how I can help. But the Egg is an easy and wonderful start to your internal “spring cleaning”. Open up your windows and get the dust out. It’s time to breathe.


How to Detox Safely at Home