Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code: Unlocking Stored Psychological Trauma

Over the years, many people have asked why I chose to make energy medicine my specialty. My answer Is always the same. I’m interested in finding the root cause of my clients’ ailments. Of course, nutrition and physical issues usually are the obvious culprits as to why a body begins to exhibit uncomfortable symptoms. But could there be a deeper issue?

Our fast-paced society rarely dives below the surface to discover how past stored psychological trauma and chronic stress affects our nervous system, which in turn creates openings for illness. Fortunately, I found a tool that helps uncover these areas, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code offers a transformative approach to releasing the trapped emotions and traumas that can become stuck in our energy fields.

Stored trauma and trapped emotions.

Emotions effect energy flow

We often hear phrases like "good vibes" or "negative energy," but what do they really mean? According to Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code, our emotions are like energetic currents flowing through us. Positive emotions encourage healthy energy flow, while negative emotions may create blockages, which can lead to a barrage of physical and emotional problems.

The “trapped emotion” phenomenon: Stored Psychological Trauma

Imagine feeling an emotion so intensely that it lingers long after the event that triggered it has passed. These emotions are what Dr. Nelson refers to as “trapped emotions.” Even if we have forgotten the triggering event, the energy of the trapped emotion may live on within us. These energies may affect our outlook, relationships, and even our health.

The Energetic Imbalance

If only we could just wish away trapped emotions. Unfortunately, we can’t. Instead, they take up residence in our energy fields, disrupting our body’s energy flow. These imbalances can manifest as physical discomfort, anxiety, depression, or even a feeling of being stuck. Our goal, when using the Emotion Code technique, is to identify and release these trapped emotions, allowing us to regain a sense of emotional balance and vitality.

How to clear a trapped emotion

We begin by:

1. Identifying Trapped Emotions

 The first step is to uncover any trapped emotions related to the issue we wish to address. During an emotion code session, we use muscle testing to identify these emotions, This is done using a chart of emotions that represent certain energetic emotional “frequencies”.

2. Releasing Trapped Emotions

Once identified, the Emotion Code practitioner uses a magnet or the electromagnetic energy from their hand, to facilitate the release of a trapped emotion. This simple yet powerful method helps dislodge stuck energy and restore natural energy l flow within the body.

3. Improvements on multiple Levels

Releasing trapped emotions isn’t just about feeling better emotionally. It can also have positive effects on our physical health, relationships, and quality of life. When we remove emotional barriers, we increase the likelihood of both emotional and physical improvements .

Opening the door to greater well-being

As we release trapped emotions and restore energetic balance, we open the door to a brighter, more joyful future. We are likely to become more positive, and we often find it easier to connect with others and pursue our goals with vitality and enthusiasm. Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code gives us the tools to begin to change our emotional narrative.

By addressing the connection between trapped emotions and our energy fields, this powerful technique offers hope for a healthier and more fulfilling life.
Why carry the burden of the past when you can embrace a brighter future?

The journey to emotional freedom begins with a single step – releasing the trapped emotions that keep you mired in the past. Contact me today, so I can assist you on your path to well-being.