The Harmonic Egg (HE) is a new and innovative, next generation sound and light chamber. During a session, the visitor rests within the large interior (the HE measures 11’ x 7’ x 7’) in a comfortable, reclining zero gravity chair, eliminating the need to lie flat. The Egg’s sound technology has been refined to allow for the purest sound quality, removing the limitations found in older style chambers. The music played is a curated collection with great consideration given to the right tones, instruments and frequencies. The Harmonic Egg uses high quality CD resolution (vs. MP3 quality) giving the body and nervous system a purer listening experience. The lighting system used is designed to offer the full color spectrum of lights.

During a Harmonic Egg session in Dallas (Garland), we will apply frequency, vibration, sound and light waves in a resonant frequency. This will allow the body to reset and rebalance. We can accomplish this by helping the brain achieve a Delta/Theta state. (This occurs when when the brainwaves are in a 2-4 Hz range.) Testing has shown that at this level, the body can achieve a deep relaxation/sleep state. Our goal with the use of the advanced technology of the HE, is to change malfunctioning energy frequencies by signaling them into resonant (balanced) frequencies.

When the body is in this balanced frequency in a deep state of relaxation, it can release trauma (emotional, physical and environmental) on its own. This can occur at an accelerated rate.

A session is 50 minutes long, 40 minutes of music and light, and 10 minutes of silence. The silence is used to integrate the therapeutic sound and light along with their beneficial effects. Why is this necessary? We offer the analogy of eating a 3 course dinner. We wouldn’t think of eating a second 3 course meal immediately following the first. Instead, we would need time to digest the meal, allowing the body to extract the wonderful nutrients and put them into action. We are likely to be hungry again the next day after this “integration” period. Energy work is much the same…you must let one modality digest before you “feed” it more. This effect has also been documented by many notable sound healers.

The complete “integration” time is usually about 5 to 7 days. This is the amount of time recommended between Harmonic Egg sessions. (As alway, there are exceptions to all rules and each client is unique, so please call for additional details. In the case of out of town visitors who have scheduled a trip to the HE,  back to back sessions can be arranged.)

Plan to dress comfortably when visiting Healing Harmonics. We also ask you to refrain from wearing any colognes or perfumes. All metal, including jewelry must be removed for the session. Pacemakers and implanted metal devices are fine and will not be affected.

It is best to approach a session without expectations as each person is unique and so is their experience. However a HE session is very powerful. We are using 5 modalities in one. Frequency, vibration, sound and light waves and the resonant frequency (the enclosed area with the shape of an egg). If you are sensitive to energy you may feel a change. Even if you don’t, subtle changes are likely happening within the body as the technology is designed to provide optimal relaxation and autonomic balance. During a session we help to align the body so it can perform the healing it was innately born to do!

Here are a few of the most common experiences:

  • Feeling a surge of energy following a session-Treatments raise vibrational frequency offering a vital boost to the cells, organs and tissues. if this is your experience It’s important not to overexert yourself even if you feel more energetic than normal. Following a session, we alway recommend  that you approach exercise and physical work conservatively, if possible.This allows you to save your energy for healing. After the initial boost of energy you may feel a gradual fatigue. Don’t be concerned, this may indicate your cells are using the energy to release toxins and heal.


  • Feeling little difference-This is not uncommon initially, as each person’s sensitivity levels to energy differs. From our experience with a range of clients, we believe beneficial changes are taking place in the background whether you can feel it or not. It may take a few days for you to sense a difference, or if you are working on a health challenge, a series of visits may be required before you feel any change. The changes experience vary greatly from client to client and is often governed by their body’s specific requirements.


  • Feeling exhausted or fatigued– This is a common aspect of the healing process. During this time we encourage you to control what outside factors you can, to offer extra healing support for the body. Get a little extra sleep, drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, try to relax more often. If you develop brain fog (fuzzy thinking), this may be from a release of toxins. You can assist the process along by drinking plenty of filtered or spring water, and by adding electrolytes

In our experience, a person gains the most benefit when a series of sessions are grouped together. Although people feel relaxed and soothed following a single session in the Harmonic Egg, to achieve maximum effect, a person may choose to schedule multiple sessions. For someone who is looking to deal with the mental/physical effects of mild to moderate stress that might be 3 to 4 sessions, while someone who is dealing with a chronic health condition, may choose 8 or 10 sessions. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive a 35% discount off your first session. Prepaid discounted packages are also available.
(Call for more detailed advice on scheduling your appointment if you are planning an out of town visit to the HE.)

We recommend you avoid other forms of energy work during the integration period of 5 to 7 days. These include acupuncture, massage, reiki, cranial-sacral release, etc. If you are an energy healer, it’s perfectly fine for you to continue to give sessions.

Absolutely. The sessions are completely safe for both Mom and Baby.

No, per the FDA and other government organizations we cannot make any claims or guarantee results. Feel free to browse the testimonials on the website to discover what others have experienced, however since each client is different we can never tell what results an individual will receive.