Frequency Jewelry, an Easy Way to Harmonize Your Biofield

Do you feel happier and more peaceful wandering out in nature, away from the noise, traffic, and neon lights that characterize modern living? Your environment has a significant impact on your sense of well-being. What you’re seeing, hearing, and experiencing at any given moment affects not only your mood but also your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.

image of rv 08 wavy bands silver ringFrequency jewelry helps bring your body to its natural state of equilibrium. In essence, frequency infused jewelry acts as a reference point that allows your mind and body resonate at a frequency that stimulates cellular health and mental wellbeing.

Let’s explain.

The earliest known life forms first appeared on this planet about 3.7 billion years ago. As these life forms survived and evolved, they were surrounded by the Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm – a frequency of 7.83Hz,  now known as the Schumann Resonance. Not surprisingly, life began to tune in to this frequency.

A great example of life forms tuned into this frequency is migratory birds that possess a magnetic compass that allows them to migrate vast distances as the seasons change. What’s more, humans also have a special sensitivity to geomagnetic fields of the Earth. These fields influence physiology, psychology, and behavior.

Interestingly, the Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83Hz is also an alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain that represents a dreamy, relaxed, and peaceful state of mind. As such, the Schuman Resonance acts as a tuning fork not just for the brain but for all processes of the human body.

The Human Biofield: Healing Through Energy Therapies and Frequency Jewelry

The human biofield is an energetic network that surrounds the human body and integrates its functions and systems with the world around it. It’s linked with cellular activities and can be influenced to induce various healing processes. Frequency jewelry taps into these processes to bring your body into balance and disrupt any energies that affect the normal cellular oscillation of your body.

Your biofield extends beyond the physical boundaries of your body. It works as a zone of subtle exchange between you and your environment, and it’s why you’re also sensitive to other people’s energies and emotions. As they say, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred. That’s why your environment and the people you surround yourself with tend to affect you so.

Frequency jewelry works by influencing your body’s energetic fields by imbuing it with health enhancing electromagnetic fields, helping you feel more positive. Everyone has a unique energetic blueprint that’s a culmination of their surroundings and the inner workings of their being – both physical and psychological.

Biofield therapy has the capacity to affect all these dimensions of the human body and harmonize your energy fields. These therapies are nothing new. Many traditional healing systems like Qigong and Reiki work with the human energy field. Some work with the biofield as a series of chakra-like fields, and others, such as the Harmonic Egg, tackle the whole-body field.

Frequency Jewelry: Activating The Body’s Natural Healing Energies

Complaints about the stress and strain of life have a long history, which isn’t all bad. If not excessive, stress can actually help you face life’s challenges. That said, modern-day living means you’re surrounded by technology and its superficial frequencies. As a result, you’re not only facing the day-to-day stresses of living; your bio-electromagnetic field is out of balance.

The electromagnetic fields generated by power supply systems, cell phone towers, televisions, Bluetooth waves, and other technologies act as additional stressors that cause your biofield to become more chaotic. It’s for this reason so many people are chronically stressed. They’re separated from the natural healing frequency of the Earth’s heartbeat and are unable to recharge.woman standing near harmful a radiation from cellular transmitters

The good news is, it’s possible to tune into the Schumann resonance and other healing frequencies. And you can do this anytime, anywhere through the use of frequency jewelry. With the beneficial frequencies, imbued in our grounding jewelry or frequency jewelry, you can counteract many of the negative artificial frequencies.  It harmonizes your biofield and shifts your state of mind, so you’re better able to handle anything life throws at you.

Electromagnetic radiation has an undeniable effect on the body. The goal of frequency jewelry is to counteract any negative electromagnetic fields and biofields’ interacting with your body. Jewelry can be infused with frequencies other than 7.83Hz depending on the healing properties you need. For instance, 174 Hz is useful for releasing pain and healing sick auras while 440Hz massages your brain and soothes anxiety. Our jewelry contains a total of 13 frequencies including those designed to assist with inflammation, headaches and stress.

By balancing your biofield, you’ll experience a greater sense of well-being which means less stress, more energy, improved focus, and deeper, more restful sleep. Your biofield is the vital force that powers your body, mind, and spirit. It’s essential to recharge and tune up your biofield.

Frequency jewelry allows you to balance your body’s biofield and reconnect with the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency. This way, you can live a healthier, happier, and more functional life. Our store offers a wide range of Frequency infused rings, bracelets, earrings. There are even frequency infused pet tags to keep your furry family members happy too. To check out our full selection of products, click here.