Powerful Hedron EMF Pendant – Safely Reduce Your EMF Exposure

The Hedron EMF Pendant is a must have accessory for anyone who wants to protect themselves from the electromagnetic frequencies of cell towers, WIFI, electrical wiring, and geopathic stress.

The Hedron EMF pendant is the perfect blend of EMF harmonization

This EMF protection necklace is designed to harmonize the body and provide added biofield support, which has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, and enhance mental clarity. Unlike other EMF protection products on the market, this EMF pendant is one of a kind as it measures over 1,100,000 units on the Bovis Scale. What sets the Hedron EMF Pendant apart from the rest, is its added durability. Each hedron life source necklace comes with an optional seal that provides added protection from water and perspiration.
Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones be exposed to these dangerous frequencies. Invest in the Hedron EMF Pendant now and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected 24/7.
Order now and you’ll be given a full 3o-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back…no questions asked.
Get the Hedron EMF Pendant and safeguard yourself from dangerous EMF radiation.


Powerful Hedron EMF Pendant – Safely Reduce Your EMF Exposure


The Hedron EMF Pendant delivers round the clock protection from cell phone towers, WIFI, electrical wiring and even geopathic stress.

Many people think of this as an EMF blocking pendant, but what it actually does is to harmonize the body  and provide added  Bio-field support. When a person wears the EMF protection necklace, the Bio-field Support Technology is designed to enhance blood cells, DNA, brain, eyes, overall Bio-Field, and more.

This device measures over 1,100,000 units on the Bovis Scale. The Bovis Scale is used to measure the life force energy levels of people, objects, places, food, medicines and other substances. A rating of 6500 is considered a neutral reading, while those above 6500 are considered positive and health enhancing.Diagram showing Hedron EMF Pendant benefits

Added Durability

The Hedron EMF Pendant now comes with an optional seal which protects the device from water and perspiration.

Why wearing the Hedron EMF Pendant is a Wise Investment

We are constantly bombarded by a wide array of radiofrequency (or “RF”) energy, which includes radio waves and the type of microwaves used for providing telecommunications, broadcast and other services. These types of frequencies also come from the many satellites that travel overhead. Microwave ovens and radar are two additional examples of non-communications uses of RF energy.

We are exposed to radiofrequencies and other EMF all day long

Although in many cases this technology comes with  life-enhancing and even certain life-saving benefits, it also comes with many risks.

Image of Harmful EMF Exposure

For example, Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure.

High frequency EMF waves lead to significant increase in blood pressure. Chronic exposure can result in disputed sleep, exhaustion, foggy thinking as well as muscle aches and pains.

The Hedron EMF pendant offers EMF protection for all forms of electromagnetic frequencies including cell towers, WIFI, Electrical Wiring as well as Geopathic stress.

Geopathic Stress is a term used for “distorted” earth energies which can occur when there is a disturbance in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This disturbance is often a result of weak electromagnetic fields which can be caused by fault lines, underground cavities, and subterranean running water, among other things. These distortions can result in health challenges ranging from mild discomfort, to lowered immune response, to more severe illnesses.

Here’s what our client, James M., had to say after buying an EMF necklace and using it for a few days. “I never knew I had EMF sensitivity. I thought I just had problems sleeping ,because I always woke up several times a night. But once I starting wearing the Hedron EMF pendant  everything changed. Now I get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.”

Order now and you’re protected by a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Get your money back if you’re not entirely happy with your Hedron EMF pendant! Just send your necklace back and we’ll refund your money…no questions asked.

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