Sound Therapy: The Ancient Way to Wellness

The Science of Healing with Sound and Light Therapy

The Science of Wellness with Sound and Light Therapy

Sound and Light Therapy: An Ancient Technology Rediscovered

Sound and light therapy healing is not a new concept. it dates back thousands of years with both the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians using sound in their wellness rituals. Traveling even further back in time, the Aboriginal people of Australia used the didgeridoo and drums to assist with broken bones and muscle tears.

Today sound vibrations are used in many medical applications. Sonic frequencies are used in ultrasonic imaging, to break up kidney stones, and to treat shortening of soft tissues that can occur after joint injuries.

However, in the last few decades sound healing has gained even wider exposure and acceptance. This occurs as we expand our knowledge and awareness of the subtle energy fields that surround the body and the ways sound affects these fields.

the 1970’s and 80’s, research in sound and light therapy healing (vibroacoustic therapy) and it’s related applications, demonstrated that this noninvasive therapy encourages relaxation, reduces pain and disease symptoms, and assists in the rehab process. In particular, the pain reduction effect has been well-documented and is thought to occur through the stimulation of Pacinian corpuscles, which are small nerve endings located throughout the skin. These bulb-like structures surround nerve endings and are sensitive to pressure. When stimulated, the Pacinian corpuscles appear to send messages to the brain that inhibit pain impulses.

It is also know that soothing sounds can trigger a relaxation response, calming our nervous systems.

The technology used in the Harmonic Egg takes it a step further. The patented technique non-invasively communicates with the body’s autonomic nervous system. The technique is based on light, sound and resonant frequencies that have been found to ease the autonomic nervous system back to proper balance.

Why does this matter? When exposed to chronic stress, many of us find the “fight or flight” (sympathetic) part of our nervous system turned “on” too much of the time. When this happens our heart rates speed up and our blood pressure increases. If this take place too often, other physical symptoms or diseases may develop.

Fortunately, when we “reset’ our nervous systems we turn on a relaxation response which can help any health condition that is caused or worsened by chronic stress, such as insomnia, anxiety, hypertension and even fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal ailments. Since medical professionals estimate that stress the root cause of most diseases, we believe the list of ailments and conditions is far greater than those listed above and the results cited by clients would indicate this.

Sound and light – A powerful combination

As a session in the Harmonic Eggs utilizes both sound (Vibroacoustic therapy) and color (chromatherapy) a person can tap into the benefits of both modalities at one time.

Chromatherapy deserves recognition equal to sound for its ability to align and “reset” ailing aspects of the body. The colors used in the Harmonic Egg are those in the visible spectrum, which vibrate between 397 trillion (red) and 665 trillion (violet) times per second. These vibrations are offered to help blocked or restricted areas of energy flow.

Here are a few abbreviated examples of the healing power of colors:

  • Red – aids in awakening the senses and the liver, while stimulating the generation of blood platelets and hemoglobin
  • Orange – stimulates bone growth and the thyroid
  • Yellow – improves the digestive system and tones the muscles
  • Green – acts as a balancer,  a tension reliever and builds cells and tissues
  • Blue – builds vitality and activates the pineal gland
  • Violet – calms the metabolic process, most overactive organs and the nerves

Each Harmonic Egg practitioner has been specially trained in the use of color for specific conditions. By combining both light and sound, the positive effect upon the body is amplified which can result in accelerated effects.

If you would like to tap into the many benefits of sound and color therapy, contact us today or schedule an appointment here.

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