Experience the Body Code with a Dallas Certified Practitioner

A Body Tune-up

Dr. Bradley Nelson’s powerful form of energy healing was launched in 2008  and was based on 30 years of practical application and research.  The Body code is designed to uncover the root causes of discomfort and sickness and correct imbalances  during the session.

Body Code session


30 minutes

Have you ever wondered why you’re suddenly incredibly tired, or what’s caused you to awaken in the morning with back pain or unexpected anxiety?  

Our bodies provide feedback constantly.The trouble is we’ve grown accustomed  to pushing through the exhaustion, taking a pill for the aches and pains and chalking up anxiety to stress. 

But what if our body is actually trying to send us important messages? Unfortunately, if we don’t understand the message, we have no idea how to take appropriate action. Consequently, the anxiety could escalate to panic attacks, the small backache to sciatica and the exhaustion—well, you get the idea. 

So how can we make sense of the messages?  


The Body Code offers us a way to decipher the body’s hidden language using three important components:

  •  Muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind
  • Energy healing techniques
  • An application developed through over 30 years of research

Using this powerful combination, it is possible to uncover the root causes of discomfort in the body and mind. More importantly, corrections can be made during a session to ease the body into better alignment. 

What we address during a session

Emotional Well-Being:

At the core of any Body Code session is addressing and removing the impact of past traumas, trapped emotions as well as a wide range of other limitations to emotional balance.

Body System Balance:

Through use of the Body Code, we look for underlying issues in body systems, glands, organs, muscles and their connections. 


We identify potential toxins, such as EMFs, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, GMOs and them work to eliminate their detrimental effects upon the body.


Stealthy invaders such as molds, bacterias, viruses, funguses and parasites can take a toll on our bodies. We’ll help you identify what may be lowering your body’s performance. 

Body Structure and Balance:

The Body Code may improve the proper functioning and support of the bones, nerves, fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints. 

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

Learn about the nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle habits your body may be craving.

Sessions can address both physical and emotional concerns. If you’re wondering where to start, think of the issue that’s been “top of mind” lately. 

The sessions are great for those clients with busy lives as they can be fit into almost any schedule, are equally effective when performed remotely, and can even be done through email if there’s no time for a phone call or an appointment. Email appointments are also great for international clients where time differences may pose an issue. 

if you’re part of our monthly membership plan, the Emotion Code is one of your session options. Click the link to   view our Harmonic Egg membership plans.

Take a look at the results below to see how sessions have helped our clients! When you’re ready, click the book now button to begin your own healing journey. 

In-person sessions

Prepaid 3 pack


3 - 30 minute sessions

Save $15.00 on three in-person sessions. Each 30 minute session is will uncover imbalances and trapped emotions related to your concern. We will work to correct those imbalances using a powerful energetic healing modality.

Remote Sessions

Prepaid 3 pack


3 - 30 minute sessions

Invest in yourself and save $15.00! The Body code is designed to uncover the root causes of discomfort and sickness. We will work to correct imbalances  during the session using effective energy healing techniques.