Image of the harmonic egg

The Harmonic Egg

The ultimate sound bath in Dallas,Texas! We combine the science of sound and light resonance to activate the body’s natural ability to restore wellness and balance.

Concept for The Body Code Energy Healing Modality

The Body Code

The Body Code is a patented energy healing system, designed to get to the root of any physical or emotional imbalance. Once these imbalances are processed, you may feel better and enjoy life more.

Image of how the Emotion Code can help you live your best life

The Emotion Code

Are you ready to live your best life? It may begin with releasing trapped emotions. Simple, easy and affordable - with the Emotion Code, there is no need for talk therapy or to share painful past events.

Image suggestive of clairvoyant healing

Clairvoyant Sessions

Intuitive sessions can offer a roadmap to your Harmonic Egg session and have the power to encourage growth and personal healing. Multiple session types available.

The Bio-Well

Bio-Well Scans

The Bio-Well device uses a Gas Discharge Visualization camera and advanced software to offer insights into your current levels of stress, energy and balance. A complete report and music file is included with each session.

Image suggesting Energetic Healing

Energy Healing

Need an energetic body tune-up? We offer a range of energy work modalities that can assist in chakra balance, emotional clearing and aligning the body for wellness.