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Twenty Five years ago when I began my foray into natural health, i didn’t know there were natural alternatives to antibiotics. Like most people, when the doctor recommended I take an antibiotic for an infection or cough or cold — I took it. Unfortunately, that blind trust led to a problem that would govern my health choices for years to come.

It began when I struggled with a tough case of the flu. The fever, along with severe body aches and pains left me unable to do much except stumble the short path from my bed to the sofa. Only when the symptoms continued for more than a week without relief, did I decide to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Following my visit, the MD prescribed a hefty dose of antibiotics and sent me on my way. When the first course of antibiotics didn’t work to relieve my symptoms, he prescribed a second even higher dose of antibiotics.

I should have realized I had ventured into potentially dangerous territory when the pharmacist who filled the second prescription twice asked “Are you sure your doctor wanted to prescribe this dosage?” Although, the alarm bells went off, I ignored my intuition and plunged ahead with the new prescription. At the time I didn’t realize his words were coded language for “You need to check this out.

The Journey to Find Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

Well, as you might have guessed, the second round of antibiotics lead to an allergic reaction. Even worse than dealing with the reaction was my later discovery that I had become allergic to most antibiotics, which left me unsure how to handle any future infections. Suddenly, I needed a natural alternative to antibiotics.

The irony, of course, was that an antibiotic would never have been effective in helping me overcome the fever and body aches. I didn’t have a cough or a lung infection, I just felt like heck! All of my symptoms were caused by the flu virus. And antibiotics aren’t effective against viruses.

Awareness has grown in the last twenty-some years and new anti-viral medications have appeared on the market that can help people in the initial throes of the flu.

And In my case, this event led to new opportunities. Being forced to search for natural alternatives to antibiotics lead me to discover a world of herbs, essential oils, homeopathies and tinctures. In short, for the vast majority of minor illnesses, I became my own doctor and pharmacist.

I relied on peppermint tea for an upset tummy, lavender oil for bee and wasp stings, a host of vitamins to boost my immune system, and a lemon, garlic and honey tea combo for the few times I did get a cold combined with chest congestion. I found natural alternatives for antibiotics, and a new way to stay healthy. 

an image of mild silver proteinIt was during this search for natural alternatives to antibiotics that I discovered the many benefits of Mild Silver Protein. This powerful product quickly became my go-to when I needed a little extra help.

People have used silver to prevent or treat infection for thousands of years. Persian kings drank from silver chalices, not as a sign of wealth or privilege, but because the chalice helped prevent spoilage of fresh water. Silver gained great popularity from the 1700’s until the early 20th century, but it was then displaced by the advent of antibiotics.

However, by the 1960’s, the medical community had once again discovered the benefits of silver. New research demonstrated that silver could be used for treating chronic wound and ulcers and for the topical treatment of burns.

Mild Silver Protein vs. Colloidal Silver

When I recommend Mild Silver protein to a client, they often think I’m referring to the more readily available colloidal silver. Although a close cousin, Mild Silver protein is manufactured using a chemical process, whereas colloidal silver is manufactured using electrical means.

The Mild Silver Protein offered through Harmonic Life is much more potent than most silvers on the market. In addition, MSP Research’s unique manufacturing techniques allow the silver particles to be reduced to tiny particles that remain suspended without the need to be shaken. The small particle size and stable suspension leads to a superior product with a long shelf life. The color of the silver is a dark brown which is indicative of its high potency.

Please be aware, as with many things on the internet, there is a lot of misinformation, (or maybe we should say disinformation) about silver protein. However the product produced by MSP Research has undergone extensive testing and has been studied in many clinical trials. It is manufactured and packaged under strict quality control guidelines (GMP and ISO 9001 compliance), for product content and purity as well as safety packaging.

Taken orally, the silver solution is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Swishing the solution under the tongue for a few moments before swallowing will expedite absorption.

The silver can be used for children adults and pets. Check with me for basic dosing instructions and for some of the ways I use silver. Between my Harmonic Egg Sessions, a few basic multi-vitamins, and my first aid protocols (of which MSP is a part), I feel happier and healthier than I have in years!

If you’d like to give Mild Silver Protein a try, contact me. If you’re like me, you’ll find is an indispensable addition to your medicine cabinet.

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics.